These 15 Seconds Of Next Week's Star Wars Rebels Are The Best Thing You'll See Today

This week's Star Wars Rebels is a cool episode that features Wedge. And it's great. But before that episode has even aired, Disney has released a teaser next week's episode. They never do that and there's a reason. It's that good.

Darth Maul finally gets his chance at revenge in next week's Star Wars Rebels. All Images: Disney XD

The episode is called "Twin Suns". Remember those words from earlier in this season? Turns out they are pretty important. Watch and be amazed.

Yup, turns out this is the episode where we're going to see the Obi-Wan Kenobi-Darth Maul feud that began in The Phantom Menace finally come to its conclusion. On Tatooine no less. Plus, it looks like Ezra will be there too. Check out these images.

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