The Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Is Perfect

The Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Is Perfect

One thing no one ever wants to see again is Spider-Man’s origin. We’ve got it. And maybe you didn’t get it from the trailer, but Spider-Man Homecoming is a whole new kind of Spider-Man. It isn’t about his physical origin, it’s about his mental one. And the teaser poster hammers that point home.

A crop of the new poster. Image: Twitter

Here’s the full reveal from Twitter.

The Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Is Perfect

And the tagline is: “Homework can wait. The city can’t.”

So let’s list why this poster is so great. Obviously, it’s a pretty image. The colours and city simply look nice. You also get the sense of Spider-Man as a character. He’s a kid. He’s wearing a school uniform. There are two parts of him, the human and the hero. Also, he feels responsible for New York. It’s his city.

Then there’s the backdrop. The New York skyline complete with Avengers Tower. Yes, this is a Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which was pretty obvious when Iron Man showed up in his trailer, but this poster just puts it there very matter-of-factly.

Then again, my colleague Katharine pointed out that Spider-Man wearing that jacket makes him pretty damn recognisable. “Poor anonymity,” she says. I agree. But they don’t have to wear it always, right?

Nevertheless, this is a great poster. It very simply shouts out, “This is not a Spider-Man you’ve seen before.” And we can’t wait.


Heroic Hollywood found this international poster for the film. Same basic idea: New York, Spider-Man, Avengers Tower, but with way less chill

The Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Is Perfect

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 6. We’ll have much more in the coming weeks.