The Private Phone Numbers Of Hundreds Of Australian Politicians Were Just Published Online

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When the Australian Department of Parliamentary Services publishes the phone bills of politicians on the Parliament House website, the private mobile phone numbers connected to the accounts are usually removed completely.

Not this time.

As SMH revealed, white font was used, but the numbers weren't removed. A simply copy and paste and you'll be texting your favourite MP in no time.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and his staff, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Christopher Pyne, Mitch Fifield, Christian Porter, former prime ministers Julia Gillard, John Howard and Paul Keating are among those who have had the numbers released.

TELCO Management is the private contractor in charge of the process. There's been no comment from the company as yet.



    As SMH revealed, white font was used, but the numbers weren't removed.

    .....Just when you think stupidity (directly or from a third party contractor) has hit the absolute low, they somehow find a shovel.....

      Not to worry government minister changed the laws months ago for this exact situation. They rewrote the law to make it illegal to undo efforts to uncover private information from public data... instead of writing laws for government agencies to take mandatory compliance efforts to remove private information from public data.

    Apparently we can trust this Government with our data!

      I just love irony of changing data privacy laws to punish those that uncover information in public data rather than force mandatory compliance. When the first breach after those rules is their phone numbers cause of white font. HAHAHA

    The only numbers absent were those of the very top cabinet ministers including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Treasurer Scott Morrison, Attorney-General George Brandis and a handful of others.

    How convenient....

      George Brandis released his ministerial diary to the shadow attorney general this morning after a three year legal battle fought over an FOI request.

      There's nothing to indicate any sort of coordination between the two events, but one can't help but notice the dead cat thrown on the table part way through the day.

    Where do i find the numbers?, i need to call Malcome

      The numbers are on the last page, bottom left.

      Who's Malcome?

    Without knowing for sure it mightn't be what they're actually paying. I know with some business plans they charge say $1000 a month for "$20,000" of calls so each numbers bill can come in at silly prices but the over bill is still the same.
    Telcos in Australia love talking about make believe dollar amounts rather than minutes.

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