The PlayStation 4 Pro Just Scored A Performance Upgrade

The PlayStation 4 Pro Just Scored A Performance Upgrade

I always thought this should have been a launch feature, but not to worry, it’s available now thanks to the latest PlayStation 4 firmware update.

If you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, and you’re playing one of those pesky games that haven’t been patched for PRO PERFORMANCE, you can now activate ‘boost mode’ to make them perform better.

You fix it up here, and as seen in the image, it results in improved frame rates across the board. Pretty nifty.

The 4.50 PlayStation 4 firmware update is a sizeable one in general to be honest, to the point where Boost Mode is sandwiched halfway down Sony’s list of new additions.

Other cool things…

— The ability to download and store games on an external HDD
— Improvements to the PS VR experience
— Voice chat for remote play

It’s all very exciting but, for people with PlayStation 4 Pro, it’s a real game changer. For those without, it’s a decent reason to consider picking one up.

This article originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.