The LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series Snowspeeder Returns To Hoth (And Toy Stores)

Longtime LEGO Star Wars collectors will remember when the original version of the Ultimate Collector Series Rebel Snowspeeder was released in 2004. The set was unfortunately retired a year later, leaving LEGO AT-ATs to roam about with impunity, but the toymaker is bringing a totally revamped version back.

The original UCS Snowspeeder clocked in at 1457 pieces, but this new version is built from 1703. An extra 246 pieces doesn't seem like much, but it results in a more detailed model of the craft that better matches the miniatures used to film the Hoth scenes in The Empire Strikes Back -- including a new, and far more accurate, angled cockpit window.

Check out those heatsinks and cooling vents, now built with an incredible amount of fine detailing. Take this model into battle against an army of AT-ATs and there's no way it will overheat and crash.

The best improvement to the new version of the UCS Snowspeeder, however, is that it's now at LEGO minifigure scale, and includes both a pilot and gunner figures that can ride in the ships's opening cockpit.

But as the level of detail in the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series sets has increased, so have the price tags. Although Australian pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed, LEGO's online US store will have the set available from May 4 for $US199.99. Similarly priced sets are priced at $299.99 in the Australian store (the original LEGO UCS Snowspeeder sold for around $190). So hopefully your remote rebel outpost won't need more than one to protect it from invasion.


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    Buying this.

    Also there's strong rumors suggesting the next UCS set after this, toward the end of the year closer to when Episode VIII hits and to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars will be an updated re-release of the UCS Millennium Falcon, which if true will set bank accounts on fire worldwide. Including mine.

      nah, Lepin all the way! can't wait to buy the copies of any new kits that come out

        I dunno, Lepin have a good reputation but I always liked buying the real product instead of the knockoff even so.

      Will be good to see the Falcon's price drop to normal levels.

    $330... Now I need to decide, I had been planning on Bricklinking the UCS super star destroyer in the next few months.
    I think the star destroyer will be more impressive.

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