The First It Teaser Is Here, And Pennywise Looks Scary As Hell

Video: The first teaser trailer for Andy Muscietti's It opens with the ultimate loss of innocence, when raincoat-clad Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) chases a paper boat right into the clutches of a certain sewer-dwelling clown. It only gets darker from there.

We get missing posters, balloons drifting through classrooms, a spewing bathroom sink, kids prowling the tunnels under Derry, and a slide projector that becomes possessed — as well as the house at 29 Neibolt Street, which appears a little Tim Burton-ish next to what seems to be a fairly realistic look for the rest of the film. Wait for the end for Pennywise's big moment — is he going to be more of a lurching monster than a sly taunter, in contrast with Tim Curry's iconic portrayal?

It opens September 7.

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