The American Gods Title Sequence Is A Trippy Neon Nightmare

Video: The opening credits to Starz's American Gods, which premieres in a month, look like what you'd see if you went on the worst trip of all time while wandering the American Southwest. Which is, honestly, not the worst description of what the series will be like, I'm sure.

It isn't really a spoiler these days to say that American Gods tells the story of a battle between the old gods (the ones from mythology) and the "new gods" of the internet and media. America, you should know, is a bad place for gods.

And that's really evident in these credits. Traditional religious symbols are twisted and usurped by neon Americana: Cameras on classic statues, a menorah made of cables, a Buddha surrounded by pills, a jet engine and needle base topped by Ganesha, S&M centaurs, and an astronaut on a crucifix. All are laid out as a totem pole, symbolising the rituals and religions America has built for itself.

Do we really have to wait until May 1 for this show?

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