'Terrorism Threat' Prompts Electronics Ban On US-Bound Flights From A Dozen Countries

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The US is planning to place a ban on US-bound passengers flying in from approximately a dozen countries carrying "most" electronic devices, following a terrorism threat.

According to Reuters, the ban is expected to be announced shortly. Details on the countries affected are not yet known.

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    Argh, I hope australia isn't on the list. I have a flight to san fran for work next week, and without my toys its going to make the flight unbearable :(

    Plus, I really want to join in on those "check me out with my nintendo switch on a plane cause its so portable and look at me playing zelda lol" reddit posts.

      I wouldn't be too worried Bmanone, Apparently it's only "large electronic devices" and they can still be carried in your checked in luggage. Reuters also reporting it'll be mostly from Middle Eastern countries as well, highly unlikely from here, more likely from countries that don't have as strict screening procedures.

    Just waiting on the US to introduce an indefinite ban for all non-US citizens flying into the country.

    SMH is indicating that devices larger than a phone will be banned, but will be allowed in checked baggage. Which would be against other flying regulations, particularly as it pertains to lithium batteries in, say, laptops.

    Why bother? Trump is destroying the USA just fine. No need for terrorists.

    what will I do without my Kindle on these long flights?
    have to start reading real books.

    Fucking pricks. Once again we bend over and take it from these fascists running the air travel authorities. We still can't take liquids onto planes, heaven forbid if you buy some duty free in the wrong airport on your multi-stop trip!

    Fuck these assholes and their stupid regulations. How many people have died from in-flight "terrorism" over the last 10-15 years? Compare that to actual REAL problems, drug abuse, gun violence, organised crime, health and education problems. They need to pull their fucking heads in and concentrate on real problems, instead of making up excuses for giving themselves hard ons from all the problems and disruptions they cause.

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