Sydney's Sunrise This Morning Was Straight Out Of A Video Game

One of the fringe benefits of starting work at 7am every morning is, at this particular spot in the year, getting to see some pretty spectacular sunrises. We had one this morning.

Interesting I barely noticed it at first, because I was playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Switch.

Funnily enough the game has a lot of sunrises like this:

or this:

And when I paused the game to look outside and see what was going on in real life, I was greeted with much the same scene:

I wish I could say that this has opened my eyes, that I will now pay attention to the real world instead of playing Zelda.

Nah. Sunrises are cool but Zelda is... Zelda.

The sunrise was good though.

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Early morning are ok (sometimes)

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