So Who Won Our Qantas Wi-Fi Competition?

So Who Won Our Qantas Wi-Fi Competition?

Who’s going to fly with us on a special charter flight from Sydney to test out Qantas’s mid-air Wi-Fi? Here’s where you find out.

Our lucky winner is:

Andy L!

Legally (or otherwise, don’t judge me) downloading all 948 episodes of “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: SVU” on the 2-hour roundtrip. BOOM!

Andy, we’re going to put you to the test; legally, we want you to put Qantas’ Wi-Fi to the ultimate test and download a whole bunch of TV episodes. Netflix has offline downloads now, and so does Stan — with both of those being partners of Qantas for its in-flight Wi-Fi, we’re confident it’ll stand up to the challenge.

Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to organise your flight. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!