Samsung QLED TV Range: Australian Price And Release Date

Image: Samsung

LED, ULED, SUHD - now QLED. Samsung's quantum dot LED-backlit LCD panel TVs are promising a huge improvement in picture quality, and now we know how much they'll set us back.

So what's special about them?

Samsung says the Q9, Q8, and Q7 not only display cinema quality DCI-P3 colour space accurately, but are certified capable of reproducing 100 per cent colour volume - a world first. This takes brightness, as well as colour saturation into account.

"For example," Samsung says, "a leaf can be perceived as different colours from yellowish green to turquoise, depending on brightness of the light. Samsung's QLED displays can capture even subtle differences in colour pertaining to brightness – colour detail that cannot be easily depicted in 2D colour space models".

The Q9 panel generates peak luminance as high as 2,000 nits – the brightest panel Samsung has ever brought to market, and three times competitior LG's OLED screen. The Q8 and Q7 offer a peak of 1,500 nits.

There's a "Clear Connection Cable" and a "No-gap wall-mount" available too, so it can look super fancy attached to your wall. There's a couple of sleek stands to choose from, as well.

There's a focus on ease of use, as well. The "One Remote" works with set-top boxes, game consoles, and UHD Blu-ray players, the "Smart Hub" has auto-detection to automatically identify and label inputs, and the "Smart View" app lets you control content from your smartphone.

Pricing and Availability

We'll be able to pick one up from major retailers in Australia on 17 April.

The Samsung Q9 series will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 88-inch models. The Samsung Q8 and Q7 series will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models:

  • QLED Q7 55-inch TV - $4,499
  • QLED Q7 65-inch TV - $6,499
  • QLED Q7 75-inch TV - $10,999
  • QLED Q8 55-inch TV - $5,499
  • QLED Q8 65-inch TV - $7,499
  • QLED Q8 75-inch TV - $12,499
  • QLED Q9 65-inch TV - $9,499
  • QLED Q9 75-inch TV - $14,999
  • QLED Q9 88-inch TV - $39,999

Samsung's Quantum Dot QLED TVs Want To Leave OLED For Dead

If you're a big-name TV maker, 'LCD' is a dirty word. OLED is a different technology, but in recent generations LCD panels have been rebranded with modern monikers, from LED to ULED to Samsung's own SUHD. Now, Samsung has a new line of TVs it's calling QLED, with a quantum dot LED-backlit LCD panel that promises huge improvements to picture quality.

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    That day when you walk into the store and say 1x QLED Q9 88-inch TV please.

      i just preordered one of those suckers. after being chauffeured there in my rolls royce by a ponce named Jeeves.

      My wall isn't even that wide. :(

    40 farking grand on a tv that still shows the same shit programs??!!! Fark Off!!
    Place testicles on table and slam plates on them a la Eddie Hitler from Filthy, Rich and Catflap.

      I have good news! I've developed a new technology that lets you change the programs that are shown on your TV. I call it a "remote control" and it can be yours for the insanely low price of $500!

    Gotta say I find the pricing for these sets absolutely baffling.

    If these were true Quantum Dot LED displays then they'd be worth every penny. But they're not. This is just another LCD using fancy tech to wring every last bit of quality out of it. I'm sure it will be one of the best (if not the best) LCDs on the market but why would anyone who wants the best and is willing to pay for it choose these over an OLED?

      Because of brightness. OLED screens don't work too good in bright light. Even though the picture quality is outstanding, the idea of the picture washing out because the sun is shining through the window would be a major let down.

        Meh. Just close the blinds.

        I have experienced EXACTLY this. I returned a LG 55" OLED because it was clipping the whites in a bright living room.

        LED still has the lead in brightness, BUT Samsung is smoking something if they recon anyone is paying $9k for a Q9 65" when you can get the excellent Hisense 75" Series 7 for $2250 this weekend from HN.

      There's a few more reasons to get a Samsung LCD TV over OLED TV still, the viewing angles on the OLED isn't great, which is partly due to the lower brightness. Also Samsung is easily the best TV for gaming, they have the lowest screen latency of all major TV brands, the OLED is still very far behind in that area. Maybe OLED just needs a few more years still to mature before they fully surpass LCD TVs, but for the time being, I would still get one of these over an LG OLED.

    No point buying a new TV these days cause Hollywood make such garbage movies & TV shows!!!

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