PewDiePie Is Still Doing His Stupid Nazi Shtick 

Last month Felix Kjellberg — better known to his 54 million subscribers as PewDiePie — was dropped by his Disney-backed representation at Maker Studios and had his premium YouTube RED series cancelled due to his use of off-colour Nazi humour and imagery which many white supremacists interpreted as a dogwhistle. Since then, he’s learned nothing.

Image: screencapped credits to PewDiePie’s most recent upload

“I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive,” Kjellberg wrote in a Tumblr post prior to being dropped. One imagines those words playing over and over in his head while typing out the title — The Hitler Simulator (ad) — on his most recent upload. Felix, you absolute dumbarse.

Screengrab from YouTube search

Screengrab from YouTube search

The game is not a Hitler simulator, but is instead the mediocre sandbox survival title Conan Exiles — Kjellberg merely models his character to have a Hitler-eque haircut. He roams the game’s environment, killing enemies he refers to as Jews. “It’s a level 3 Jews, it’s too strong for me,” he remarks, coming across some sort of neckless monster. The video’s credits list various Third Reich figures as members of the production team. Although the video was removed within an hour of being uploaded, Kjellberg soon reposted it. According to a tweet from PewDiePie, he only deleted the video to remove a brief instance of nudity.

After losing representation, a show, and access to premium advertising, Kjellberg has spent several vlogs railing against the Wall Street Journal reporters who first wrote about his Nazi references. And he managed to convince quite a few people that he was being treated unfairly for making jokes that perhaps weren’t landing as intended. Nope. After wading right back into the same shtick, and for being just as unfunny at it, it’s clear: He’s just an idiot.

There are ways to joke about horrible things. Arguably they’re one of the best tools for coping with pain and hardship. Wandering around as a polygonal barbarian with Hitler hair killing “Jews” with a stone axe? That’s not a joke, it’s just a failed attempt at being “edgy” that reveals Kjellberg to be a petulant doofus.

We reached out to Kjellberg for comment but had not heard back at time of writing..