Now Is The Time To Buy An Oculus Rift

Now Is The Time To Buy An Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift just got cheaper. Like, a lot cheaper. Cheap enough that I’m tempted to buy one.

According to Business Insider, Facebook is slashing the price of the base Rift bundle from $US799 to $US549. That new price is already reflected on the Oculus store, with a bundle including the $US99 Oculus Touch controllers obviously setting you back $US648 total.

How do those prices translate, after handling and shipping is included, into Australian dollars? Does this mean the Rift is finally under that pesky $1000 Australian GST threshold?

Yes, it does. That $US549 translates into $716, and $US648 translates into $845. With no international shipping included in the cost of the Rift on Oculus’ website, you’ll be able to get hold of one well under the threshold, saving yourself another 10 per cent tariff on top of the Rift’s already quite high price.