Noomi Rapace's New Movie, Rupture, Looks Really Messed Up

Video: I wasn't aware Rupture existed until about an hour ago. That's when an email came into my inbox touting a tense sci-fi film with Noomi Rapace, Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishe and Michael Chiklis, directed by the guy who made Secretary. Yup, I'll click on that.

The poster from Rupture. Image: AMBI

Well, I'm glad I did. Co-written and directed by Steven Shainberg, Rupture looks really messed up and interesting. The trailer is hard to watch at the start as the main character, played by Prometheus star Rapace, gets violently kidnapped. But things only get weirder from there. Check it out.

Will Rupture actually be good? We don't know. But that sure is an intriguing trailer.

Also, here's the poster that top image is cropped from. It's really evocative as well.


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