Nerf N-Strike MEGA DoubleBreach Blaster: Gizmodo's First Look

"I like to keep this handy, for close encounters."

Nerf's N-Strike MEGA DoubleBreach is an oversized, overpowered hunk of dart-blasting magnificence. It's enormous in every dimension, and the MEGA darts that it fires are equally big. If you've ever wanted to look like an ultimate badass swinging around a giant handheld Nerf blaster, this is your new go-to choice.

Gizmodo is on a mission to to check out the best new blasters in Australia. The NEW Nerf N-Strike MEGA DoubleBreach Blaster fires 2 darts in a row! Featuring MEGA Whistler darts that scream through the air, the DoubleBreach delivers a powerful one-two punch.

What Is It?

The Nerf DoubleBreach uses Nerf's oversized red MEGA darts rather than the smaller blue Elite darts that we've become familiar with, or the newer similarly-sized but more accurate orange AccuStrike darts. Those MEGA darts whistle as they fly through the air, too — it's a very cool sound effect when you're blasting back and forth in a firefight with a friend.

The DoubleBreach is finished in a mostly red colour scheme with some light grey accents, although there's a bit of dark grey on the pump-action slide and the rear of the handgrip. As usual, the barrels are that distinctive Nerf bright orange, and the MEGA logo on the blaster's right side is massive. It looks freakin' awesome.

The first thing you realise about the DoubleBreach, upon taking it out of its typically Nerf-y packaging, is how big it is. It's a chunky blaster, and that's its biggest selling point: it's a Nerf blaster that you want to show off with. There's no real assembly required to put together the DoubleBreach. It's ready to go out of the box, but if you want to include on-blaster storage for four extra darts there's a clip that can be attached to the left side of the DoubleBreach by just pushing it into place.

Where To Buy

The Nerf N-Strike MEGA DoubleBreach — or, y'know, the DoubleBreach — will set you back $39.99 at its recommended Australian retail price. A refill of 10 MEGA darts, if you accidentally blast all of the DoubleBreach's included six off into the distance, is $8.99.

What's It Like To Use?

The DoubleBreach, like the name implies, can load two of Nerf's super-sized MEGA darts at once. Those darts load into the DoubleBreach's breech, which you access from just behind the front of the blaster's two under-over barrels on the blaster's left side. Slide the breech cover back, load a dart into each of the barrels, and pump the slide to prime. You'll get one shot from the top barrel, then pump the slide again and pull the trigger to fire the second.

You'll also get some pretty decent range from the DoubleBreach, which fires darts up to 23m. As for the MEGA darts, they whistle as they fly through the air, so they're a little more fun to play with if you're blasting back and forth with your friends than regular (silent-ish) Nerf Elite darts. The generous size of the Doublebreach — it's definitely a two-handed blaster — means it's easy to wield, and the combo of pistol grip and pump action slide means you can fire off two darts in quick succession.

Like lots of other Nerf blasters — but not the Alphahawk we looked at last month — the DoubleBreach has a 'slam fire' function. Once you've pulled the trigger to launch that first MEGA dart, if you keep it depressed and ratchet the DoubleBreach's pump action, the second dart will fire immediately. Slam fire is a great function on Nerf blasters with a large ammo capacity, but not so useful when you remember the DoubleBreach only holds two darts at once.

It'd be convenient if there was some additional storage for the four extra MEGA darts on the body of the DoubleBreach, and there is. Just behind the breech is space for the four extra darts that come in the box, which you can clip in or slide down into the holders — since MEGA darts are large and sturdy, it's both easy to do and it looks good at the same time.

The DoubleBreach's big selling point, though, is just how cool it looks. You can buy Nerf blasters that can hold more darts or that can fire them faster, but few Nerf blasters look as chunky and impressive as the DoubleBreach does. It looks like something out of Halo or Mass Effect, except in a funky red colour scheme.

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