'Monument Valley' Developers Just Released An Interactive Meditation App

Image: Sway

Monument Valley developers ustwo teamed up with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble to create Sway - described as an "interactive meditation" app designed to both chill you out, and boost you attention levels.

Sway tracks your movements using your phone's sensors, and gives specific feedback for assisting with focus and attention. There are six levels to the app, each designed to teach you new techniques for "mindfulness" in everyday sitaution. The idea is that eventually, you can meditate anywhere, anytime.

"From simply moving your phone in your hand while sitting down or lying in bed, to gently swaying your body while waiting for the bus or even walking slowly around the office – Sway is designed to help you find focus in everyday life," ustwo says.

Interactive meditation has been shown to have similar results to guided meditation, and is noisy environments is even better.

The app is designed to be used for 20 minutes a day. You can grab it on iOS here.

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