Microsoft Hit With A Bunch Service Outages, Again

Microsoft Hit With A Bunch Service Outages, Again

According to several reports, Microsoft’s online services have been suffering through some pretty major outages this morning. Xbox Live, OneDrive,, Skype, Azure and the Windows Store have all had issues letting users log into accounts.

Image: AP

The site shows a surge in outage reports for Microsoft services beginning around 5AM AEDT, and continuing to spike through the hour to 6AM AEDT. According to the, the outages are primarily affecting the US East Coast and parts of Northern Europe, and thousands of reports have been logged so far.

When we tried logging into some the accounts, we were able to log into Outlook briefly, but not Skype or Xbox Live. Several users have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations, too:

This is the second time Microsoft has experienced an outage this month. A few weeks ago, the company suffered from a short, hour-long outage that the company never revealed the cause of.

Right now, if you visit the official Xbox Live Status website, you’ll see a short acknowledgement from Microsoft saying its engineers are “actively continuing to work to resolve the issue”. You can also have the site notify you when the problem is fixed.

We reached out to Microsoft for comment, but had not heard back at time of writing.