Meet The Aussie Who Legit Punched A Crocodile To Impress A Woman

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How many "cups of goon" does it take for this to seem like a good idea? Around ten, apparently.

Sp 18 year old Lee De Paauw did it all for love. And in response to everyone thinking he's a bit of an A-grade moron for flinging himself into croc-infested waters to look cool, he has a classic response.

"Haters gonna hate."


    Seriously? And she decided to go on a date with this utter moron?!

      I didn't think he was a moron when he jumped in the water, just a typical drunk. However, after watching the interview I've revised my opinion. Guess I'm a hater.

    Meet The Aussie Who Legit Punched A Crocodile To Impress A Woman

    The headline is a misleading (as if that's a first for gizmodo though, what with it's lofty journalistic standards). He didn't "legit" punch a crocodile to impress a woman; he jumped into the water on a dare to impress a woman... and then had to punch the crocodile who was literally tearing his arm off in an attempt to get away.

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    Apparently the croc only bit him to impress a female croc. She's since declined to be interviewed stating he was an 'A-Grade handbag!'

    Crocs gonna croc!

    Lady, when a guy you just met decides to do something stupidly dangerous like that to try to impress you, take that as a sign of crazy and get the hell out of there. Don't reward him by agreeing to a date.

    What a twat!!! that word will have to do to keep in PG.

    Nothing in this world is worth the risk of dying for, because if your dead whats the point after all

    Pretty sure he "legit punched a crocodile" to not die/have his arm eaten.

    Gizmodo is starting to feel much less like a tech site and much more like a "here's some random stuff we think you might click" site.

      under what rock have you been living?

      its been like that for a long time :D

    Too bad the idiot didn't die. Now we're going to have wankers out calling for a cull because some wanker decided to go for a swim.

      What's wrong with that? We could probably do with fewer wankers around :P

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