Is Tony Stark The World’s Worst Re-Gifter?

Is Tony Stark The World’s Worst Re-Gifter?

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has its share of hints and Easter eggs. Some big, others small. All of them pale in comparison to one shocking reveal, involving Tony Stark, Peter Parker and a T-shirt.

In the trailer, we see Tony and Peter walking through the halls of Avengers Tower as Tony explains why Peter should let others (that is, The Avengers) handle the whole Vulture situation. It’s a tense moment that indirectly connects to Tony confiscating Peter’s Spider-Man suit later on in the trailer. But as one Twitter user pointed out… Tony not only taketh away, he also giveth.

Check out Peter’s shirt.

Look familiar?

Need a closer peek?

That’s right, it’s Pepper Pott’s bed shirt from Iron Man 3.

It’s seems super unlikely that Peter Parker would just happen to own a shirt that Tony Stark did too. It’s an exclusive design from SnorgTees, so it isn’t some super-common tee you’d find in Target or wherever Peter finds his daily duds. It most likely means Tony gave it to him (especially judging from how poorly the rest of the clothes fit), meaning he’s totally fine with re-gifting one of his shirts from his now ex-girlfriend to his Mini-Me, which seems kind of weird.

Or, or, Peter Parker is actively wearing it because he is so eager to become a baby Tony that he’s copying his wardrobe now, ex-girlfriend be damned. You almost slipped it by us, Peter, but we know better.

And no, I don’t think this means that Pepper Potts is going to show up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, even though we’ve heard rumours floating around about Gwyneth Paltrow getting an appearance. She’s been out of the series for a while, and it seems unlikely they’d bring her back for a movie that doesn’t have anything to do with her. Nope, it’s just further proof that Tony is kind of a weird jerk who’s totally cool with having his protégé swaddled in the same garment that adorned his ex-girlfriend’s breasts. Then again, Peter might not mind either?


Additional reporting by James Whitbrook and Katharine Trendacosta