If Bentley's Electric Future Looks Like This I'm In

Bentley's future is electric, and if it's based off the EXP12 Speed 6e concept that debuted at Geneva this week, it's going to be a pretty future.

The new concept clearly illustrates Bentley's intention to weasel its way into the high-performance electrified market. With the Speed 6e, it'd be doing so with serious class.

Taking cues from the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept from a while back, this all-electric concept doesn't shed any luxury inside the cabin — an interestingly-shaped steering wheel that, according to Bentley, has "handmade, cut-glass sections" that control the car's entertainment and navigation functions. The center console is equipped with a high-definition OLED screen cut from a piece of curved class. Damn.

Also, let's talk about that steering wheel:

Again, damn.

Specs weren't included, but Bentley said the car would be able to tackle a drive between London and Paris on a single charge — which suggests a range of about 200-250 miles, something totally reasonable by what tech is available today. And Bentley says it'd retain typical fast characteristics of its past, generally saying that the concept could exhibit an "immediate, effortless surge of torque."

This thing isn't confirmed for production, but it sure looks like it'd be a joy to drive.

Photo: Bentley

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