Ian McKellen Is Reprising Gandalf (And His Entire Career) In A Solo London Stage Show

Ian McKellen's had a storied career — one that's spanned well beyond his beloved genre roles as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Magneto in the X-Men films. But now he's going to revisit all of it in a one-man stage show that we all suddenly desperately want to attend.

Image: New Line Cinema

Shakespeare, Tolkien, Others & You will run for a week, July 3-9, at Park Theatre in London, with money raised from tickets going toward keeping the venue running. Alongside revisiting scenes and moments from McKellen's lengthy career on the stage and screen — Lord of the Rings is specifically mentioned, but I wouldn't be surprised to see something from McKellen's take on the master of magnetism — the actor will also open up to questions from the audience, and speak to other actors and directors about his life and work.

Basically, it's a chance to hear Ian McKellen talk about his amazing life — and even bring back his beloved portrayal of Gandalf one more time. That's a pretty good deal in our books. The show was nearly sold out at the time of this writing, but if you're interested in going (and even booking a dinner with McKellen after the show, if you have the money!), you can check for tickets here.


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