Here’s Another Leaked Photo Of The Samsung Galaxy S8

Here’s Another Leaked Photo Of The Samsung Galaxy S8

Another day, another high-resolution leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the super-sized Galaxy S8 Plus. And it looks as good as you’ve hoped.

Another @evleaks special from Evan Blass, this particular image shows both phones — the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus — in three different colour variants.

From left to right, we’ve got black, grey and silver — called Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver respectively.

We can also see that the phone has a couple of buttons on one side — presumably the double-width button is a volume rocker and the power button is underneath, but on the other side of the phone there’s a mysterious other button.

What does this other button do? Is it just a camera button? Or does it maybe provide quick-launching access to Samsung’s rumoured Bixby personal assistant? Only time will tell…

But, in the absence of any confirmed fact, just feast your eyes on this beautiful phone and its phenomenal screen-to-body ratio. Seriously, this thing is the new hotness — but it’s been so widely and comprehensively leaked that we know almost everything about it already. If you haven’t seen this phone yet, you must be terrible at the internet.

Gizmodo will be reporting live from Samsung’s event in New York City next week, so stay tuned. [Twitter]

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