Deadpool Meets Beauty & The Beast, The Musical Parody We Had To Have

Thanks to Deadpool's fourth wall-breaking personality, we're never shocked when the character turns up in strange places. The trick is trying to guess where you'll see him next. How about a play on a recently remade Disney classic?

Somehow, the creative folks at Zamurai Productions found a way to make this fusion work, the results of which you can watch right here.

A fellow by the name of Michael Parker provides the voice of Deadpool and does an unbelievable job of mimicking Ryan Reynolds, to the point where I had to double-check the credits to make sure it wasn't him.

Considering the video's production values, it wouldn't have been that surprising, either.

The clip itself is entertaining, but it's the tune that makes it work. If you're keen to listen to it on its lonesome, you can grab it from Soundcloud.


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