Can You Figure Out Why Lucasfilm Hates This Photo Of Luke Skywalker?

Not the photo up top, the one below. There’s nothing at first glance that would tell you why Lucasfilm refused to release this behind-the-scenes photo from A New Hope. But once you hear the explanation, and put it together with George Lucas’ need to control details, it makes total sense.

Image: Lucasfilm

Yesterday, a fan account tweeted this photo of Mark Hamill:

And since Hamill’s twitter account is one of the few truly pure places on the internet, he responded with an explanation of why the photo had been MIA for years:

How dare there be a photo of Hamill wearing only part of his costume! Although, if it was supposed to be an official portrait of Luke Skywalker, that does make a bit more sense. Either way, it’s out now and thank God Hamill is here to tell us fun facts about it.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]