‘BBC Dad’ Interview Gets Inevitable Star Wars Parody

‘BBC Dad’ Interview Gets Inevitable Star Wars Parody

Dammit, all Darth Vader wants to do is sit down with Emperor Palpatine for a nice chat about squashing the Rebellion, but those darn droids won’t leave Papa Anakin alone.

YouTuber Jack of All Genius recently released a Star Wars parody of the now-infamous BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly and his not-exactly-invited kids.

Although it would have made more sense to have babies Luke and Leia interrupting his on-camera interview, like what you’d see with children’s books Darth Vader and Son or Vader’s Little Princess, in this case he gets an unwelcome visit from R2-D2 and BB-8. It’s a fun, short video that harkens back to classic YouTube, when every viral video got, like, 500 parody versions.

Also, props for the “Never Forget” poster.

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