You Can Now Open Castle Grayskull, Or Your Front Door, Using He-Man’s Power Sword

You Can Now Open Castle Grayskull, Or Your Front Door, Using He-Man’s Power Sword

Running around, bashing down doors with a giant sword in hand is generally frowned upon in modern society. So if you’re dealing with a secret He-Man fantasy you’re dying to live out, why not fill your pocket with a bunch of tiny swords that can open doors without destroying them?

The Key Armory is back with a new collection of sword-shaped blanks that can be taken to any locksmith and turned into fully-functional keys for opening doors, cars, even filing cabinets. Featuring designs inspired by Final Fantasy 7, Xenoblade Chronicles, Voltron, Sword Art Online and He-Man, with enough determination these tiny key swords could even be used to fend off Skeletor or Mumm-ra — though you’ll want to be careful not to bend them or you’ll be sleeping on the porch.

Compatible with the Kwikset KW1 and Schlage SC1 key types, once properly cut these key swords should work in 95 per cent of the locks used in North America, and each one has been customised to ensure that any adornments won’t interfere when you’re actually trying to open a lock. Australians will have to do a bit of research to check that these keys will work in their particular locks. They’re currently only available through a Kickstarter campaign for $US10 ($13) each, with shipping expected in July.

As with any crowdfunded product there’s always the risk of production or shipping delays, or it never actually coming to fruition. But since this is the Key Armory’s second series of sword-shaped keys, after a first successful run, there’s probably minimal risk of your He-Man fantasies being spoiled.

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