What's The Nerdiest Thing You Keep Obsessive Records About?

One of the primary ways to be a nerd is to collect things, which is not always an easy task. Sometimes, these collections are so large and/or complicated, and we're so obsessed with them, some of us actually keep records of them, to make sure we're obsessing at maximum efficiency. What do you love so much you have embarrassingly extensive records about it?

Image: Fox

Our staff is very guilty of doing this. Mine is a relatively normal spreadsheet of every DVD I own, divided into categories and sorted alphabetically. (There was also a period of time when I had one for nail polish, which catalogued the consistency, colour and brand.) James Whitbrook has a slightly more ridiculous "spreadsheet of figures that need to be rotated off my desk in the near future to make space for incoming toys". Fearless leader Rob Bricken has a "spreadsheet of all the Mystery Science Theatre episodes that have been released on DVD and how many remain unpublished".

As you can see, we are in no position to judge and we're not going to. So, what are you so obsessed with you feel the need to keep records about it?

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