What Is The Quickest Zero-To-60 Time Possible For A Street Car?

What Is The Quickest Zero-To-60 Time Possible For A Street Car?

Video: We have seen some absolutely mind-boggling acceleration times from both hyper-exotic sports and fully electric cars. But where is the limit? This video uses some complex equations to give us the answer.

For anyone that likes to geek out on the maths behind how fast we can go, Engineering Explained takes a deep dive into what peak acceleration would be for a street legal car, and not something crazy like those record-setting vehicles that are essentially rockets with wheels.

You could argue that this obsession for the quickest zero-to-60 time is a bit absurd, especially since the current crop of EVs like Tesla and Faraday Future achieving this feat are making cars designed for range and everyday driving. Hey, people love bragging rights, even if they never use the full potential of their car. But at what point will all these cars be equally as quick?

Engineering Explained says that all-wheel-drive would be a must to get all that power down off the line. The host also takes what seems to be a counter-intuitive approach to figuring out maximum acceleration, not by looking at how quick cars getting to 60mi/h (96.5km/h), but rather how quick they can slow down.

So if you don’t have time to sit through six and half minutes of some dude putting numbers on a white board, the answer is 2.05 seconds.