Westworld Meets City Slickers, The Inspired Parody We Really Had To Have

Every so often, two wildly different franchises come together to form a perfect, hilarious whole. In this case, we have Westworld, a sci-fi TV show set in a wild-west theme park populated by androids, combined with City Slickers, a 1991 comedy western where three city-dwelling friends venture from the big smoke to discover themselves. Funny Or Die decided to mix them together, gathering cast members from both properties and it works amazingly well.

At the helm are Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern, playing their City Slickers characters Mitch and Phil respectively, while Luke Hemsworth and Ptolemy Slocum take on their Westworld roles of Stubbs and Sylvester.

Mitch, one of the oldest hosts in the park, has "gone off his loop" again. I won't spoil why, though if you're familiar with City Slickers, you'll figure it out pretty quickly. There's also a nice cameo towards the end... again, I don't won't to ruin the surprise.

Sadly, the clip also reminded me we have another year or so to wait for Westworld's second season.

[Funny Or Die]

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