Watching Swamp Thing Beat The Crap Out Of Damian Wayne In Injustice 2 Is Immensely Satisfying

Video: Two new trailers for upcoming DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2 have popped up over the last two days, showing Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy smacking around other super-folk. I hope this game has those two plant-loving super-folk submitting to the unspoken passion in their hearts.

Like its predecessor, Injustice 2 will feature oodles of DC superheroes and supervillains fighting for control in an alt-universe where Superman rules Earth as a near-indestructible despot. Swamp Thing was revealed yesterday...

...and today's trailer features some of the game's female characters.

Both Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy look to have ridiculously over-the-top super-moves, of course. They also have a hatred of Batman's son in common. Guys, a fling between Alec and Pamela would totally work.

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