This Narrator’s Infectious Intensity Makes Migrating Ants Epic

This Narrator’s Infectious Intensity Makes Migrating Ants Epic

Video: Migrating an ant colony into a new terrarium because of an infestation of mites should not be an enthralling video experience. But this narrator manages to make it feel like a journey into Mordor!

GIF: AntsCanada

The peeps at AntsCanada had a problem. Mites were taking over their colony of Yellow Crazy Ants. Mites were everywhere and endangering what they have dubbed “The Golden Empire”. After trying some over-the-counter cures like the “Lemon Treatment“, expert advice was needed. Consulting with a biologist, they have learned a lot about mites, such as that in one state they have no mouths or anuses and attach themselves to a host to move away from an unsuitable environment. Above all, they learned that the ants were going to need a new home because the mites were a warning sign that several things could be wrong.

AntsCanada was able to determine that the mites and ants could live together but the ants would need more space to move away from the mites when they’re in their adult, garbage-eating stage. After polling viewers, it was decided that a big arse terrarium would be the new location of The Golden Empire.

So, did the ants make it? Yes, they did and their lives are so much better now. They live in a lush world of green leaves and all the roaches they can eat. But don’t worry about any of that. Just watch the video below and let the narrator take you on a journey.