This Magical Wooden Clock Tells The Time Using A Floating Magnetic Ball

Image: Flyte

You can't really construct your own Doctor Strange-style Sanctum Sanctorum, full of weird and wonderful magical artefacts. However, thanks to technology, you can do a decent job of getting close. One of the first pieces you might outfit your mystical home with is Flyte's "STORY", a wooden clock that represents time via a levitating magnetic ball. Sounds simple, but it looks nifty as hell.

You can preorder your own via Flyte's Kickstarter for $US399. If you're worried about fulfilment, the company already has a reputation for making odd gadgets that make things float.

A set of magnetic guides keep the ball on-track and it can be used both flat and mounted. If you actually want to tell the time, the STORY has you covered. Under the wood layer is an LED clock that illuminates though the surface.

Image: Flyte

The device supports three modes: Journey, Clock and Timer. The last two are exactly what they say, while the first setting lets you choose an interval of your choice — a minute, a few months or even a year — and the ball will act as a sort of progress bar, while displaying the actual date and time via the LED clock.

Image: Flyte

What if the power goes out? Flyte thought of that too:

In case of a power outage, the levitating sphere will fall back to the base. (Even in the vertical position). When power is restored, simply reset the levitating sphere back to the 12 O'Clock position and it will automatically re-calibrate and remember its last saved settings.

While the clock can be configured the old-fashioned way, it also supports tweaking via a companion app.

[Kickstarter, via Colossal]

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