These Days Everyone Needs A Soundproof Cardboard Box To Scream In

These Days Everyone Needs A Soundproof Cardboard Box To Scream In

Every time you turn on the news, open Twitter or do anything other than hide under a blanket, there’s another good reason to just stop and scream for a couple of minutes. But to ensure you don’t disturb your neighbour’s own screams, grab yourself one of these soundproof cardboard boxes.

The Danbocchi personal cardboard studio has existed as far back as 2013, but measuring 1.6m tall, they required most adults to uncomfortably crouch when they climbed inside. They were designed to be used as personal recording studios, quiet home offices or just a place to jam without bothering your roommates, but not really as a place to audibly express your rage and frustrations with the cruel and unfair world in which we live.

There’s a new version of the studio, however, designed for even taller folks to stand inside. Using the same cardboard honeycomb inner layer to dampen sounds by as much as 30 decibels, the taller Danbocchi can accommodate enraged occupants up to 2.10m in height.

The studio’s overall footprint was reduced to help keep the cost reasonable, but it will still set you back $2110. Two thousand one hundred and ten dollars! Yet another good reason to spend 10 minutes screaming in solitude.

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