There’s A Telstra Outage Around Australia Right Now [Updated]

There’s A Telstra Outage Around Australia Right Now [Updated]
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Having trouble making calls on your Telstra mobile or landline right now? Has your internet just died? A fire at a Telstra exchange in northern Sydney could be responsible.

Telstra has confirmed on Twitter that an outage for fixed line and mobile services was caused by a fire in an exchange in the Chatswood area. No outage has yet been logged on the company’s Service Status page for the Chatswood area, but a more generalised 4G outage was added for the Sydney region at around midday today.

We’ve had reports of ongoing mobile outages in Marrickville, too, suggesting that the outage might be affecting areas other than just Chatswood. There are also plenty of tweets directed back at Telstra blaming the outage for more extended service outages in areas like western NSW and even Victoria, but we’d be cautious of linking the two without more obvious evidence.

The problem also extends to at least some NBN connections:

Update: Jetstar is blaming the outage for delayed flights, too.

Telstra says it’s beginning to restore services.

Telstra’s outage, though, has meant that some SMS messages have been sent to wrong numbers. Telstra has paused SMS delivery while it investigates.