A Superbowl Ad For Good Dogs (Brent)

A Superbowl Ad For Good Dogs (Brent)
Image: Twitter

The guy behind the @dog_rates Twitter account wants to use its social media following to promote adoption by buying a 3-second ad spot in the 2018 Superbowl.

Note: this is actually happening.

Matt Nelson, the guy who started the WeRateDogs account in November 2015, has an idea. He wants to use the power of Twitter and dog-rating lovers everywhere to promote animal adoption. And so, to that end, he’s set up a GoFundMe.

If you don’t know “they’re good dogs, brent”, then you should learn about it. The meme was directly responsible for a fair chunk of @dog_rates’ followers, and Nelson wants to channel that message into convincing more people around the US and the world to adopt: ‘The message of “they’re good dogs, Brent” is one that transcends not only my account but time in general. They’re good dogs, and they always will be. This phrase is all-inclusive, and can easily be adapted to promote animal adoption.”

A 3-second ad spot at the Superbowl costs $500,000 (and change), so it’s a bit of an ask for one person to couch up. The power of the ‘net and the power of crowdfunding, though, makes things like this possible. To get to $500,000, each of @dog_rates’ 1.25 million followers needs to chip in less than 50 cents. That’s doable right?

Nelson is optimistic:

Super Bowl ads are not cheap, but they’re not cheap for a reason. They reach hundreds of millions of people. I understand how easy it is to argue that this money can be spent elsewhere, on more worthy things, and it is perfectly fine to think that. There are other places this money can go that are equally if not more beneficial than what I’m suggesting. However, I have never seen so many people come together over such a simple phrase. It has proven more powerful than any meticulously designed slogan I could have come up with. I don’t think it’s going to run out of power any time soon, so let’s give this a shot.

If @dog_rates doesn’t make its $500,000 funding goal, donated funds will go to shelters: “If we do not hit the goal, all money will be donated to various shelters across the world.”

Also, we just found out there’s a WeRateDogs game… Carol, hold all my calls.