The Strangely-Shaped LG G6 Will Be Unveiled At MWC 2017

The Strangely-Shaped LG G6 Will Be Unveiled At MWC 2017

LG has sent out save-the-dates for its next smartphone unveiling, and it looks to be an interesting one. The new LG G6 will be launched on February 26th in Barcelona, the day before Mobile World Congress kicks off. This is traditionally “Samsung day,” and there’s already a Huawei launch in for the same date.

So what can we expect from the G6? Well, it looks like the rumours were correct: the invite is formatted with a ratio of 18:9 (or 2:1), and LG has apparently confirmed that this will be the aspect ratio of the phone’s screen. Most phones are 16:9 (widescreen), which makes the G6 extra-widescreen. In other words, it’s exactly twice as long as it is wide.

LG’s been experimenting with adding extra display real estate above the main screen on phones like the V20 and LG X, so it makes sense that the new phone would put those learnings into practice. It still feels a bit gimmicky, though, and that’s something that hasn’t worked well for the company – the G5’s semi-modular approach famously fell flat last year.

Will the G6 finally help LG stand head and shoulders above the competition? We’ll find out on the 26th of Feb – unlike the phone, that’s not long. [ZDNet]

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