The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack Makes Its Play For The Next ‘Everything Is Awesome’

The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack Makes Its Play For The Next ‘Everything Is Awesome’

While it’s hard to imagine anything that could reach the infectious, earworm-y highs of The Lego Movie‘s “Everything is Awesome”, some newly-released tracks from The Lego Batman Movie try very hard. And also allegedly feature Alfred Pennyworth shredding a guitar in a rather radical fashion.

Ahead of the film’s release next week, Warner Bros. has released the soundtrack for The Lego Batman Movie online, giving us a listen of some of the key songs recorded for the film. Batman himself gets his own suitably rocking theme song — although it’s not Will Arnett singing, but Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump doing the best Lego Batman impression he can.

It’s not a bad Bats impression at all, and a perfect theme for the character, from the references to the classic 1966 TV show’s theme, to the fact that it’s pretty much entirely meant to be Batman bragging about how he’s the best at everything. Because, well, he’s Batman.

Arnett does appear in the film’s credits song, “Friends Are Family” by Oh, Hush — coming in for a Batman-voiced rap interlude before passing over for Alfred doing a guitar solo.

It’s definitely got the poppy vibe that could make it a rival to “Everything Is Awesome”, but honestly? The thought of Alfred rocking out on a guitar might be the best thing about it. I hope that is part of the credits roll.

The full soundtrack is now available to listen to on Spotify.