The Latest Leak Seems To Confirm Samsung's Massive Galaxy S8 Plus

Brace yourselves. Brace yourselves for phones with massive screens. The full spec sheet for Samsung's Galaxy S8+ -- or Galaxy S8 Plus, or however you want to type it -- is now out in the wild.

Thanks to who else but perennial gadget spec and photo leaker Evan Blass, we now have most of the specs of Samsung's flagship phone for the first half of 2017. The Galaxy S line-up is always one of the most popular phones sold worldwide, so it's widely anticipated.

This looks to me like the little list that appears on the back of the box of Samsung's smartphones, so while it's not the most detailed thing in the world, it's got all the most important info on it.

Most important is that phenomenally large 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display. That's 0.7 inches larger again than last year's Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and its 5.5-inch display, making it, well, huge. Also interesting is the fact that it's marked as Quad HD+ -- so a resolution higher than Samsung's existing 2560x1440pixel AMOLED panels. Does that mean it'll be a 3200x1800pixel display with a regular 16:9 widescreen ratio? Or will it use a novel 18:9 aspect ratio like the LG G6, and therefore the + refers to the extra length -- maybe 2880x1440pixels?

As for everything else we can see on this list, it's all carried over either from the S7 or the ill-fated Note7 -- expect an updated version of the S7's excellent 12-megapixel camera, the same IP68 dust- and waterproofing, support for Samsung Pay and wireless charging and Samsung's Knox secure storage. 64GB of integrated storage is joined by microSD support.

Blass went on to say that the S8 will be the first phone to ship with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip. The 835 is one of the first chips using the latest 10-nanometre production process and should be much more energy-efficient and powerful than its predecessors, as well as supporting Gigabit LTE download speeds. In Australia, though, it's actually more likely that we'll get a Samsung-built Exynos 8895 chip -- another 10nm CPU with plenty of power.

The S8's bundled headphones, too, are "tuned by AKG" according to the packaging. Samsung bought Harman, the parent company of audiophile headphone and microphone company AKG, late last year, so this is one of the first integrations between Samsung and its relatively new high-end audio subsidiary.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in late March, with the new phones likely going on sale in mid-April around the world. [Twitter]



    If they can shove that 6.2 inch screen on the note 7 body (size wise) then the phone wouldn't be any larger than what we use anyway. I've been saying this for ages. Piss off the bezels and you can have a large screen phone that isn't any larger than what we have now.

      I wonder what the bit 6.2" full rectangle/6.1" rounded corners actually means? Is it a hint that there are two different versions? Or is the screen 6.2" but .1" is hidden by rounding off the corners? Or something else entirely?

        The last one you listed is the most likely. It's a diagonal measurement so the full rectangle is slightly obscured in each corner by the rounding.

          You're probably right. Maybe they couldn't advertise it as just 6.2" without getting slapped by truth in advertising, and 6.2 obviously sounds better than 6.1 :P

    You need bezels. Try laying on your bed holding the phone up without your fingers curling around the edge and causing unwanted touches. Edge users have complained of this.

      They could make the first few mm dead so your fingers wouldn't set something off. Not real hard.

        There was a software patch on the S7 Edge to improve detection of pretty much exactly this, so simply holding the device won't trigger edge actions. No idea how effective it was though, I don't have one.

      Maybe the early ones, I've got an S7 Edge and never have this issue, I think they use software to detect the difference between holding it and trying to use it! Personally I hate large bezels, it's unnecessary bulk and looks quite dated. Each to their own I guess!

    Really, it's not much bigger than the Nexus 6 screen though, and likely with smaller bezels it may be much the same size.

    I guess if the population is getting fatter, our pockets get larger, which means more room for larger screens...

    My old Note 2 died last year and I went to a phone with a slightly smaller screen but higher resolution. There's not all that much difference in screen size between the old Note and my current LG, but I still notice it a lot!
    A smaller screen is fine for old school stuff like calls and sms, but for what we use phone for now (video, media consumption, books, internet etc), small screen size just isn't very useful.

    I agree with with ozoneocean...Once you go never go back!

      But but but 4 inch screens are the perfect size....... According to iPhone users..... Until Apple gave them a bigger screen and then it was, 5 inch screens are the perfect size.... And then Apple gave them a bigger screen again and now you don't hear shit from them about large screens.

        Because 5.5 inches is the perfect size, obviously... Yes, I'm an Apple user, no I don't care who uses what operating system, it's a moot point that people just cannot seem to let go of.

    My wife says she won't touch anything less than 6 inches..

      So looks like your outta luck then!

    Ummm iris scanner?
    Is that a thing now?

      It's been on a few models for about a year, yeah. Seems to work pretty well too because the device illuminates your eyes with infrared so it works in pretty much any light condition.

    Love the specs cant wait. Looks like my former Note 7 is reincarnated at as the S8 6+
    Cant come soon enough as my S7 edge goes through periods of locking up , crashing , just randomly going dead and stuck in a boot loop

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