The End Is Coming In More Ways Than One In The New Trailer For HBO's The Leftovers

Video: Nearly a month after HBO unveiled the first eerie teasers for The Leftovers' third and final season, we have the closest thing yet to a trailer for the apocalyptic drama. And if you thought the mass disappearance of season one was bad, get ready for more Biblical-style drama to come.

It begins with a grim Kevin and Nora boarding a plane for Australia (clearly they aren't aware of that other Damon Lindelof show, a little something called Lost), the ominous mention of "worldwide flooding", plenty of chaotic imagery and a warning that "everything you know and love will soon be gone".

So much for "Don't Worry Baby". The Leftovers begins its final departure... er, final season, mid-April.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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