The Atari Flashback Has 101 Built-In Games (And You Can Buy It Right Now)

Image: Supplied

Frogger, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede, Jungle Hunt, Missile Command, and Pong are among the 101 built-in games on the new Atari Flashback 7 Classic Game Console, available right now. Isn't life grand?

The console also comes with two wireless controllers "styled after the Atari 2600 originals" that need two AAA batteries each (not included) and there are also two legacy controller ports for optional wired joysticks or paddles.

Image: Supplied

The PAL format "Plug and Play on any TV" style console uses a 5VDC 1500/7 Adaptor.

JB Hi-Fi has it for $99, but the cheapest we've found it for is $89 at Target (thanks Satay!).

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