Telstra TV Is The Fastest-Growing Streaming Box In Australia, Apparently

Image: Supplied

Telstra today released its 2017 half-yearly results, which revealed Telstra TV as a roaring success story for the company. There's now 622,000 of the devices in homes around the country, which Telstra says makes it the fastest-growing streaming box in Australia.

Telstra TV is based on a Roku streaming box, and is a simple to use, good quality device that gives youdirect access to Netflix and Stan as well as every major channel's on-demand, online catch-up TV library.

"Telstra Media achieved strong revenue growth due to Foxtel from Telstra and Telstra TV," said Telstra CFO Warwick Bray. "In the half, we continued our strategy to bundle media with core fixed products".

Bray revealed that Foxtel from Telstra revenue grew by 11.4 per cent to $390m, gaining 88,000 subscribers in the last year. Foxtel from Telstra subscribers dropped by 3,000 in the last six months, however - although Bray attribes the decline to "churn on our prior year promotional offer".

"Telstra TV is now the fastest growing streaming device in Australia, contributing to majority of growth in other media revenue," Bray said. "Other media revenue was up by 19.1 per cent."

Bray said Telstra has moved away from "direct media revenue" and more towards bundles - like sporting events such as AFL and NRL – across "Telstra's core products".

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