Stare At The 2018 Ford Mustang And Decide If It's An Improvement

Image Cache: The updated 2018 Ford Mustang: Is it good or is it bad? I can't say. I haven't seen it in person. But it's on display at the Chicago Auto Show, and from that we got our closest look at the car yet. You decide whether it's an improvement over the old car or not.

Photos credit Brian Williams

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Our photographer friend Brian Williams is at the show -- perhaps the first documented instance of someone named Brian Williams actually being where they say they are -- and he snapped some pics of Ford's revamped pony car.

The V6 is gone, a magnetic ride suspension is available and the face is quite different. Some say it looks sad, some say more aggressive. What do you think?



    Looks a lot less aggressive, not a fan. Maybe it'll get a better safety rating now though?

    Front end lights looks like they stole some of Mazda's style. Rear still looks fugly in my opinion (although I know other people who seem to like it). Overall, apart from the front it hasn't strayed far from the current design, so Ford is trying to play safe, probably because Mustangs are for your 40-65 year old bracket and Ford makes a bit of coin on these things. It would be interesting to see how much they changed the interior, this is something that Ford significantly improved from the previous Mustang.

    I like the new Mustang (it's a bit wanky though), but I am fed up with the blobular shape of modern cars. They all look the same.

    The latest WRX is a great example: the earlier models (with the exception of the bug eye version) looked great, and only got better with each new model. Then the latest version comes along and it looks just like every other car out there (unless you stick a giant tosspot spoiler on the back like the STI versions). Very little about it is distinctive any more. The latest Forresters also look just like every other SUV out there.

    I've never really been a fan of the modern mustang, modified morden mustangs do look good in some cases though

    Wonder if it is still 2 Star NCAP/ANCAP rated. All new cars should be 5 Star minimum

      I wonder if they'll hold back from the ancap crash test like they did with the last one.

    Whats with all the wide angle photos?
    Why not just take a normal one, so we can see what it actually looks like.

    Only 1 way to tell if it's an improvement, slam it into a wall at an ANCAP testing facility. Apart from that, they'll still be bloody slow, but at least they look decent.

    Not a fan..2017 to me looks tougher

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