See The Dramatic Effect Of Light Pollution On The Night Sky

For the budding astronomer (or photographer) light pollution is a massive bummer. You look up and you know the constellations and planets of the solar system are there, but actually seeing them is another matter entirely. So just how much does light pollution block our ability to see the true night sky?

This gorgeous — and educational — timelapse from Sriram Murali shows various levels of light pollution and the effect they have on our ability to view the stars.

With the constellation of Orion as the target, Murali goes from the middle of San Francisco (level eight), to a deserted location in Utah's Goblin Valley (level one).

I'll let the stills do the talking.

Image: Sriram Murali
Image: Sriram Murali

Sure, San Fran at night is pretty, but it's got nothing on the universe.

[Vimeo, via PetaPixel]

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