Presto Is Proper Dead Now

Presto Is Proper Dead Now

Here is a friendly public service announcement to remind you that on-demand streaming service Presto is now officially dead.

Now’s the time for that “Hey Presto!…and it’s gone” joke. I promise you’ll never have to read that again.

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Peter Tonagh, Foxtel CEO, said in a statement back in October last year, “It has been great working with the team at Seven on Presto and we look forward to future collaborations. We are delighted to be able to offer Presto subscribers access to the new look Foxtel Play, which we know will be highly attractive to them.”

A big selling point of Foxtel Play is, er, Home and Away.

“Presto and Foxtel Play subscribers will have exclusive Australian access to two new Home and Away specials to be released this summer,” Tonagh said. “The production of these Home and Away specials underlines the ongoing partnership between Foxtel and Seven West Media on content production for new consumer services.”

If you’re left stuck for a streaming service with the demise of Presto, check out our highlights of what’s coming up on Stan and Netflix this February.