Possible New Details About The CW’s Newest DC TV Show Black Lightning

Possible New Details About The CW’s Newest DC TV Show Black Lightning

Sam Worthington teases new Avatar details. Ron Moore and Bryan Cranston’s Philip K. Dick anthology is headed to Amazon. Get a new snippet of Beauty and the Beast‘s soundtrack. Plus, a gorgeous new Logan poster, and Steven Moffat on whether or not Doctor Who could ever resurrect dead actors á la Rogue One. Behold, spoilers!

Robin Hood: Origins

Australian comedian Tim Minchin has joined the cast as Friar Tuck, Robin’s food-loving jovial monk companion. [/Film]


Jason Momoa tells Digital Trends about what he thinks sets apart Aquaman from other big movies: Water. Lots of water.

I read the [Aquaman] script and let me just put it this way, I’ve never seen a movie that’s anything like this. It’s going to be a world that you’ve never seen before, which is really cool. We went to space, we travelled all over different worlds, but we never went underwater. So it’s just a really cool spin on what’s below and it uses a lot of great movies that I already love — whether that be Raiders of the Lost Ark to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to Romancing the Stone. It has a lot of really cool adventure, it’s funny and heroic, and there’s a lot of different characters and a lot of different worlds that we get to go to.

Avatar 2

Sam Worthington catches us up on what the next few Avatar films are about, and when they’re set.

They’re going to be shooting concurrently. The plan is to have some time in between, I think, but these things are always ambiguous until they start. We’re still set to start in the summer, though. James needed time to perfect the scripts. Whenever he says jump I go because he’s the man. I’ve read all the scripts, they’re great. This is going to be Jake eight years later, and he’s got a family now. This film is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen. The world is bigger than the first one, but essentially, it’s a movie about family. Jake will still have that essence of a kid seeing the world for the first time, but he’s been living in the world for a while now, so what’s this world he’s seeing now for the first time? The film will explore that within this family dynamic.

[We Got this Covered]

Beauty & the Beast

Here’s a new interview with Luke Evans about playing Gaston in the film, as well as a very brief clip (starting around 2:43 in the video) of the film’s version of “Gaston”.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn warns not all of the music we’ve heard so far in the trailers will appear in the movie, or the film’s soundtrack.

Also, in simply shocking news, the director thinks that the opening to the sequel will be cooler than the first movie’s opening, daring to say that something could be cooler than “Come and Get Your Love“.


Here’s a gorgeous new IMAX poster for the film. Professor X forgot to strike a pose.


Speaking of posters, here’s a new one for the “Anne Hathaway controls a giant monster” movie.

Black Lightning

Splash Report claims to have new details about the premise of the CW’s latest DC addition, Black Lightning. Purportedly, the show will follow a 40-year-old version of Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal who’s since given up on being the titular superhero, only to be drawn into heroism once more when an LA gang war starts claiming the lives of his students and puts his family in danger. There are a few more details at the link, but take it all with a pinch of salt.

Cloak & Dagger

Six more actors join the cast of Marvel’s latest series. Andrea Roth has been cast as Melissa Bowen, Tandy’s mum. Gloria Reuben will play Adina Johnson, Tyrone’s mum. Miles Mussenden is playing Tyrone’s father.

Additionally, J.D. Evermore has been cast as Detective Connors; Carl Lundstedt is Tandy’s boyfriend, Liam (presumably soon to be ex, if indications of a Tandy/Tyrone romance are to be believed); and James Saito is the mysterious Dr Bernard Sanjo. [TV Line]

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

A 10-episode anthology series from Ron Moore, Michael Dinner and Bryan Cranston based on short stories from Philip K. Dick has been picked up by Amazon.


Doctor Who

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat discusses resurrecting deceased actors though CG like Rogue One, something no one should ever ever ever ever expect from a TV show with the meagre budget of Doctor Who:

Well, like every other Doctor Who fan, that was my first thought [upon seeing Rogue One]. But, you know, word on Media Street is that Star Wars might have a tiny edge on us, budget-wise. I’m fairly sure those are quite expensive movies and possibly that sort of thing might be a bit beyond us for now. More importantly: will the software ever exist that can recreate the comic timing of Patrick Troughton?

[Den of Geek]

Legends of Tomorrow

The season finale is titled “Aruba”.


Time After Time

Finally, new official synopses for the first two episodes of the young, time travelling H.G. Wells vs Jack the Ripper show have been released.

“Pilot” — Using the 1979 novel and movie as a launching point, Time After Time chronicles the adventures of a young H.G. Wells, as he travels through centuries, decades and days in the time machine he created. In the pursuit of the charismatic (yet secretly psychopathic) Dr. John Stevenson, better known as Jack the Ripper, Wells arrives in modern day New York City, searching for Stevenson after the doctor escapes authorities in Wells’ London home. But instead of the Utopia he imagined, Wells finds a world more aligned with Stevenson’s temperament in a series charged with danger and adventure, and centered in thrills, satire, humour & and most of all, an epic love story

“I Will Catch You” — Presented with the real possibility that Vanessa Anders is in fact Wells’ great granddaughter, H.G. and Jane continue to search for Dr. John Stevenson, but when their final face-to-face meeting goes anything but planned, the doctor is back on the loose.

[Spoiler TV]

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