Police Evacuate Sydney’s Apple Store (Updated)

Police Evacuate Sydney’s Apple Store (Updated)

Sydney’s George St Apple store was evacuated just before 1pm AEST today, with police confirming “a police operation” on the corner of King and George streets.

The store was evacuated “as a precaution” and traffic has been diverted, with up to six police cars spotted blocking both sides of the building. While the store is still closed, police are allowing customers to queue while they wait for Apple staff to let people back in.

At 1:36pm AEST a worker in a nearby building claimed a workplace accident responsible for the temporary closure, but this report has not been confirmed.

At 1:50pm AEST, minutes after police exited the building with a dog, police allowed people to queue for re-entry to the store.

At 2:24pm AEST, police left the scene, but customers are still waiting for re-entry while Apple staff ensure the store is tidy.

Update: The store has now reopened, with no news as to what the cause of the closure was as yet.

We are investigating further. This story is developing.