Nintendo Accidentally Reveals Switch Developer Menu

Nintendo Accidentally Reveals Switch Developer Menu

Nintendo Switch won’t be out for another month, but thanks to a trailer screw-up this morning, we can already see what the devkits look like. If you’ve ever wanted to see what developers get to see when they work with pre-release hardware, now’s your chance.

As spotted (and screenshotted) by NeoGAF user mocolostrocolos, Nintendo Portugal forgot to add game footage when they uploaded their Switch Super Bowl trailer this morning, leading to fun images like this:

As we saw with the Switch reveal trailer in October, Nintendo has been editing game footage into their commercials during postproduction, hence the screw-up. There isn’t much we can learn from the menus, other then the fact that Switch devkits have 64GB of space (as opposed to retail units, which have 32GB). But it’s still fun to see.

Here’s the US version of the commercial, if you’re curious:

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.