New Promo Asks If Power Rangers Are More Like Iron Man Or Spider-Man

New Promo Asks If Power Rangers Are More Like Iron Man Or Spider-Man

Video: It looks like the Power Rangers live in a world where Marvel comics exist. The latest promo gives us a better look at the Rangers’ Dinozords and their final battle against Rita Repulsa, and addresses the all-important question of which Marvel hero they’re most like… even though the answer’s totally obvious.

Screengrab via YouTube

After the first Power Rangers trailer teased a dank and depressing world, each subsequent look at the upcoming film has been brighter and more focused on humour. There are definitely some fun gags in here, as well as some impressive action sequences. We even see how the Rangers access their weapons (they grow out of their alien armour). However, the best part of the trailer is undoubtedly when Billy asks Zordon whether the Rangers are more like Iron Man or Spider-Man. Clearly they’re Spider-Man, because that means we’re one step closer to making this happen.

I’ll give Lionsgate props for making the movie look more like a treat to watch, instead of a chore that’s filled with teenage angst and sadness. Still, it’s a stark contrast to the original trailer, which hinted that the movie might suffer from lack of cohesion, much like Suicide Squad did. Power Rangers arrives in theatres March 23.