Lunch Time Deals: Xbox 360 E + 2 Games For $99

Lunch Time Deals: Xbox 360 E + 2 Games For $99
Image: Microsoft

If you intentionally held off buying the last generation of console to save a couple of bucks, but you still want to play all those platform exclusives, now might be the time to take the leap. EB Games will sell you a Xbox 360 E console with a 500GB hard drive, plus a couple of games, for less than $100.

$99 for a games console — a brand new one, no less, and not some refurbished dust-filled hunk of junk — and two games is a pretty phenomenally good deal. Even if those games are both Call of Duty.

Even if you’re not especially keen on gaming, it’s a decent price for a Netflix streaming box or a multipurpose DVD player for a kid’s room or spare room. You’ll have to visit an EB store to pick up your purchase, though — there’s no shipping option available.

This deal comes to our attention via open door on OzBargain — thanks! [OzBargain / EB Games]