Lady Gaga’s Halftime Superbowl Show Was Lit By Intel Drones

Lady Gaga’s Halftime Superbowl Show Was Lit By Intel Drones

Lady Gaga, who is actually Satan, performed at this year’s #PepsiHalftime Superbowl halftime show. Her awesome set was kicked off by a solo in front of a night sky filled with Intel drones, and it looked great.

You can see the drones in the background of the video from around 0:30 in, and they do their thing up until around 1:10 when Lady Gaga decides to jump into the stadium.

Intel’s drone fleet is great: it pulls off synchronised moves set to music, and it looked just as good at the Superbowl as it did during Vivid Sydney last year:

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This year’s #PepsiHalftime Superbowl Halftime Show Powered By Lady Gaga Powered By Intel Powered By Powerthirst Powered By 6th Generation Intel Core Processors Powered by Low-Calorie Sugar-Free Pepsi Max, Max Your Summer, #MaxYourSummer, was actually pretty awesome. We’ll post an official video if and when one appears around the ‘net.

Until then, enjoy the drones.

Pepsi, I have done your bidding. Please send me all the Pespi Max in the world. Thank you.